WELCOME TO TinMike Photography 欢迎Tinmike摄影

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Welcome to TinMike Photography 欢迎Tinmike摄影

Art brings people together, creativity opens hearts. TinMike Photography specializes in different types of photography - Fashion, portraiture(business and personal), landscape, family, and brand marketing photography. We also make model cards for inspiring models. Event photography is also part of our portfolio.


Having mastered Adobe Photoshop and its elements, TinMike also creates artistic images, which would have been taken from their Hangzhou studio that is stacked with a trove of over the top studio equipment. With Michael Mutukwa as their main photographer, TinMike Photography travels around China taking shots of landscapes, architecture, people and scenery. They then sell these framed photographs to individuals, schools, restaurants and companies with the desire of decorating their walls.They hold exhibitions after every four months, having held a joint exhibition with the British renowned artist Gav Munro. Their next exhibition on TROTFA will be held on the 25th of March, in Shanghai.  


掌握Adobe PS图象处理软件和它的元素,TinMike还创造艺术形象,将被从杭州工作室,堆放着上方的录音设备的宝库。Michael Mutukwa是他们的主要摄影师,摄影TinMike环游中国拍摄风景、建筑、人和风景。然后他们把这些照片给个人、学校、餐馆和企业与装饰墙壁的欲望。他们举办展览后每四个月,与英国著名艺术家Gav Munro联合举行展览。他们对TROTFA下展将于三月二十五日举行,在上海。

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